Wide Angle Platform Peregrine Camera

The Peregrine Camera sits on the 14th Floor of the Buckinghamshire Council building in the center of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. The scrape is visible from the town square and through the breeding season and as the puli fledge we hold watch events in the square where you can see the birds via scopes and binoculars.

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  1. She seems to be struggling with walking and also seems to have a problem with her right foot

  2. Stood in my garden having a cup of coffee this morning and a Peregrine flew past low, I got such a good view! They may not have bred this year, but how lucky we are to have these wonderful birds in Aylesbury.

  3. Yesterday 13 x 14 female on top of box 13 x 18 male with ring on leg goes into box. Female becomes rather noisy. 13 stroke 36 female lays down on top of the box male still in the box 13.51 female starts making a lot of noise male still there.

  4. Looked like our Female judging by the noise she was making she was not very happy. The male looked too young to be ours he was cowering in the box before flying off .I see no ring on his leg.

  5. Hi Zoe + Pete,
    Do you know if it was a pair yesterday ? If so do you think it was our poorly female ? Or could it be a new bird moving in ?
    The breeding season is well and truly over for our pair ( even if the female is still going). But Peregrines defend a territory year round, so they will remain in situ and make visits to the platform, but nothing will happen now as far as eggs/ young is concerned until 2023.
    If she’s not already passed on then I’m sure we’ll lose the female and the resident male will then pair up with a new bird. They will pair bond and retain this territory until next year.
    Elsewhere in the county there are 4 young in High Wycombe, 4 young in Marlow and 1 young in Milton Keynes, all of which have successfully fledged which is fantastic news.
    All the best

    1. Two there now (20.45 pm). One looks like the male and has ring on right leg. The other is resting on the top. I have a screen shot if you want it.

    2. Female there last night and this mornng. Just now 11.13, the male arrived and a lot of vocalisation went on. I have seen this behaviour a lot over the last couple of weeks. Seems like a greeting and at times it is as if the female is telling him off.

      1. Thx for your observations. I just clicked on and at 19.22 ( Fri) if you want to wind back a bit our resident male is sitting on the platform and you get a lovely view as a female flies in. There’s lots of chatter, with the male backed into the box, and I’m wondering whether this could be a new female – not sure !

  6. About 0930 yesterday (1 June) there was a loud clatter and the bird departed in a hurry. Then a man’s voice could be heard briefly followed by another loud clatter (probably closing a window or door).

  7. Earlier today it looked the male was resting on the scrape when another landed but immediately took off leaving the original a little confused.

  8. Thank You for the messages regarding the female bird. It’s difficult to know what’s going on, but to me it looks like the female maybe dying, probably just naturally from old age. One minute she looks like she won’t last another hour, then she’s off flying around. Yesterday evening she was on the platform with the male, and she was making a scrape. There is simply no way of attempting any sort of a rescue as things stand, , if her health is something we could help out with, she is just going to jump off.

    We will continue to monitor.



    1. Hi, She took off at 12.17 after having a stretch and headed towards town.
      Now back again a minute later.

    2. This morning at 7.30 the female was lying on the top and hardly breathing. I felt very concerned for her. Stayed like that for a long time. Just after 11 am the male came back and there was a lot of excited chattering going on for a few minutes. She certainly perked up but stayed on the top. He flew off at 11.10. Yesterday I did not see the female at all but the male was there on and off for most of the day.

    3. Been watching all morning and definitely noticed the same as Carmel, she seemed very sleepy and very shallow breathing. But looking at her now she is sat up on her feet and has been pruning herself

    4. A lot of coming and going yesterday. At 8pm the male was calling and looking around. Then the female flew in but did not go on the scrape must have been on the ledge further along, as out of view. She was screeching as I had heard before but much more intense and he was responding back to her. This went on for some time. Just after 8.15 he flew off and she came onto the scrape. Neither of them there when I checked at 10 pm and 11 .40 pm.
      This morning I saw both there at 9.15 am. The male flew off and the female went onto the edge of the scrape and called for a while.

    5. Not many sightings of them over the weekend, although the femaile was there at 11.30 pm yesterday. This morning the female was resting on top of the scrape and at 8.20 the male flew in. There was a lot of chattering between them but she stayed on the top.

  9. The female bird is clearly unwell, and is eating the wood on the platform. We may have to try a rescue attempt, but this is clearly not a bird on the ground, she is 12 floors up ! Chances are she’ll just jump off, but if she’s injured or potentially dehydrated we might just have to try.

    If anyone sees the female leave the platform, or if she is brought food by the male and eats it please post a message.

    Thank You


    1. She left the platform for about half an hour this morning – both birds were there first thing and are both now back (10.17)

    2. I kept a note of my check-ins today. 12.23 pm no birds there. 13.15 female sitting on outside edge at 13.40 she was calling and was gone just after 14.00. A pigeon was there at 15.15 and stayed for 45 minutes. At 16.00 hrs the peregrine was back. Able to see it was female – no ring on right leg. She was calling a lot and looking around. At 16.50 she was lying on top of the box and later was sleeping. Just after 18.00 hrs she was pecking at the wood again. She does look perkier than she has been and was quite worrying at times

    3. At 18.20 the male was there and a lot of chatter between them. The female was making distressful sounds and he was chirpping back at her. He ws gone after 15 mins. She stayed on top of the box and is still there.

  10. Got worried for a few minutes as the Peregrine was laying flat out on top of the scrape. Seems it was sun bathing as it just lifted it’s head.

    1. I’m worried too. Bird in same position again. I could clearly see it breathing earlier but now, not so obvious?

  11. Why does the Male bird keep coming back and just sitting there. He must know there’s nothing going on now .is it a sort of loyalty to the nest box like stay away this is mine.

    1. No the cameras have gone offline. We will get them checked and back online as soon as we can.

  12. Some hunting action at 12.42 when a pigeon flew into the scrape and narrowly avoided being caught by the tiercel. They were tempting fate earlier…!

  13. What looked like an intruder male did a brief bomb of the scrape and was shrieked at by the resident male at 01:27 this morning. They’re still about…

  14. Just seen a pigeon in the scrape, checking it out. It could be lunch for the Peregrines if he hangs around too long 🙂

  15. I keep watching the box . The time the male bird spends there is getting less we hardly ever see the female. The intruders keep popping back we get the odd squabble .Time is getting on although would like to don’t think we will see eggs this year.

  16. Hi Elaine, the ring is on the right leg of the male bird. It is a metal ring with a series of letters/ numbers, but we don’t know what they are or where this bird has come from. However I suspect it’s a bird that had a fight with our then resident male a few years ago, became entangled on the ground and was rescued.
    Onto the intruders – it appears there are still multiple intruding birds in the town. We still have our pair who are resolutely protecting the platform, but I can’t see any eggs being laid with all this going on. Clearly the birds will have a very strong instinct to breed, so I’m not giving up hope yet ! But it is getting late. If anyone sees the ‘pale/ brown’ intruder, I would like to know whether it has adult type hoops across its breast, or more streaky like a juvenile. Better still if you see an intruder on the platform grab a picture, even pointing your mobile phone at your PC screen gives great results. If you do photograph an intruder please post a message and I’ll let you have an e-mail address- Thank You, Mike.

  17. What colour is the male’s leg ring? I haven’t spotted one on any of the birds I’ve seen on the scrape.

  18. 7/4/22 at 07:25 still no eggs. Have read comments from various people, including Pete, asking if there are three males around and reporting another fight between two males yesterday. Looking at the cameras this morning, I initially thought no birds were present until I switched to this wide angle view and saw one is on top of the box. It would be really great if the project leader could give an update on what he thinks is going on.

  19. wed 6th 12.56 male with ring on leg came back closely followed a lighter male .There on they started a big scrap and flew off.

    1. Between then and 1259 there were 3 on the scrape at different times, 1 lighter and ten the 2 darker peregrines (male and female together ?).

    2. Thanks, that was interesting to watch! I didn’t start viewing until late Sunday afternoon, when one bird brought the other some food. I thought all was going well until I read the comments here! Such a shame. Thanks to everyone who got this camera up and running, what a privilege being able to watch the peregrines so closely.

  20. The male (ring on right leg) has been guarding the scrape all day, I haven’t seen the female, hope she is OK. I am still living in hopes of an egg or two, but as time goes by it looks less and less likely. 🙁

  21. Sad to see no eggs – On Saturday I was in Aylesbury and they were in the air a lot together.
    Saw one of them stoop to see off another peregrine over the canal basin. Perhaps other intruders are still about.

  22. Oh no the Wide Angle camera does not seem to be working or maybe just needs a clean from the snow. Brrrrr

  23. I’ve been watching them regularly – though no eggs yet it seems they’re doing a lot more courtship behavior at the mo when both in or around the scrape (I’ve taken a few screenshots) he is bringing her food, they are bowing and he was on his belly yesterday kicking gravel out, I think there may still be hope.
    Have seen a single one visiting Leighton Buzzard church also – maybe one of them on their travels? will try and look for a ring next time.

  24. Tues 29/3/22 12:40hrs – one peregrine sitting on the edge of a totally eggless platform 🙁 It’s never going to happen now I imagine.

      1. I don’t think it will happen Pete, it’s so late now. All the fault of those pesky intruding peregrines. But on the positive side, just think, there are so many “urban” peregrines now, they are having to compete for nest sites. But post-war with the organochlorine pesticides (eg DDT) they were almost exterminated. As I’m writing this, there is vocalisation at the platform and the bird is back adopting the laying posture! Gosh, what is going on, I have no need to watch soap operas, it’s all happening right in front of me on my computer screen – but what exactly!

  25. The male just brought the female some breakfast in the form of a Woodcock. She ate some and then left the platform with it.

  26. Hi Zoe, Thank You. We have even more problems then, as the pair of intruders that I saw were adults, or at least they appeared to be adults, definitely not a young bird. The pair are both present this morning, the male in the scrape and the female to the left on the ledge.
    Sorry, I can’t do anything about the spiders web now !

    1. Hi Mike, seemed to be a juvenile land on the scrape, very pale and brown. Scared the female off but she proceeded to dive at the other bird for 7 minutes finally chasing it off.

  27. Male currently on the platform ( 5pm Saturday), he looks exhausted, see my comment on the blog (home page).

    1. Not sure which Peregrine is on the platform now, can’t see the legs to check for a ring, but poor thing looks very rough and exhausted. 🙁

  28. At last just seen both birds together, usually always one, although reading comments I knew there was two, glad I’ve seen them together now, just need an egg laid now x

    1. They are back together today. Both flew into the box together at 13:19. You can rewind the stream up to watch, if you are within 12 hours. It was quite a noisy interaction. The male was at the back and the female nearer to the camera. It appears to be the original male with the metal leg ring.

  29. The female is on the platform and sitting in one of the two scrapes they’ve made. Male was with her a little while ago. The female is acting very strange, with constant chattering to the male. Surely we’ll have an egg by tomorrow ?

  30. So glad I found this page. The old site was gone and I had no idea where I could get info. And a live stream on Youtube as well, brilliant. Will add Aylesbury back to the international Peregrine Falcon nesting calendar.

  31. Hi Audrey,
    Great stuff, Thank You.
    Looks to me like the female is getting ready to lay. Fingers crossed.

  32. The intruding Peregrines returned this morning. If anyone sees our resident male please post. These battles can be pretty brutal. Not good news for our pair at the crucial egg-laying stage.

  33. One bird on top of the platform “roof” 10/3/22 18:49hrs. Making soft “cheeping” noises

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  35. Thanks so much for this webcam, back again for us fans. Great view and in colour too. I have been watching for a few days and only see one Peregrine, has he/she got a mate this year.?

    1. Hi Audrey,
      Thank You, yes it’s wonderful to have the cameras back, and the quality is fantastic. There is definitely a pair, the male has a metal ring on his right leg. They have been making the scrape in the gravel. Expect an egg by mid-March.

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