Platform Peregrine Camera

This Peregrine camera sits at a slightly different angle to our other camera and is designed to give you a closer view of the falcons when they are on the scrape. You can screenshot some fantastic photo’s from this camera.

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  1. 8.15pm Wednesday 25th May. Peregrine looking a little brighter tonight on the scrape looking around ( not sure if male/female)

  2. Thank You for the messages regarding the female bird. It’s difficult to know what’s going on, but to me it looks like the female maybe dying, probably just naturally from old age. One minute she looks like she won’t last another hour, then she’s off flying around. Yesterday evening she was on the platform with the male, and she was making a scrape. There is simply no way of attempting any sort of a rescue as things stand, , if her health is something we could help out with, she is just going to jump off.

    We will continue to monitor.



  3. The female bird is clearly unwell, and is eating the wood on the platform. We may have to try a rescue attempt, but this is clearly not a bird on the ground, she is 12 floors up ! Chances are she’ll just jump off, but if she’s injured or potentially dehydrated we might just have to try.

    If anyone sees the female leave the platform, or if she is brought food by the male and eats it please post a message.

    Thank You


  4. and just to note – the project at Derby made the NATIONAL press! There was a picture from the webcam and a short article in the i newspaper of the weekend 23/24 April 22. Their webcam very worth watching, I recommend it – of course, I’d rather be watch my patch peregrines but one day, I hope 🙂 !

  5. All the various projects are now at the hatching stage and no eggs at Aylesbury. What a shame – the first year the webcams have been back after a long break and for whatever reason it just didn’t happen this year. It was undoubtedly this pesky intrusion problem. At least having the cameras, we have been able to have some idea of what has been going on – I remember 2011 when there was no camera and everyone had to speculate on what they could see from a distance from the streets of Aylesbury. We thought incubation was happening and it wasn’t until weeks later when the bird departed an actual view of the platform was possible, revealing it was empty (or, if I remember correctly, there was one addled agg?)

  6. 17/4/22 and there has been no breeding activity at Aylesbury. In contrast, the Derby project now reports at 16/4/22 they are waiting for the first egg (of four) to hatch as it must be imminent. They are asking their watchers to post when they see any sign of an egg pipping or sight of a white fluffy chick. Their website has a great image of the eggs taken by screengrab.

  7. 10/4/22 09:45 a big beautiful female (no right leg ring) on the platform looking alert. Could this be looking promising …….

  8. Hi Elaine, the ring is on the right leg of the male bird. It is a metal ring with a series of letters/ numbers, but we don’t know what they are or where this bird has come from. However I suspect it’s a bird that had a fight with our then resident male a few years ago, became entangled on the ground and was rescued.
    Onto the intruders – it appears there are still multiple intruding birds in the town. We still have our pair who are resolutely protecting the platform, but I can’t see any eggs being laid with all this going on. Clearly the birds will have a very strong instinct to breed, so I’m not giving up hope yet ! But it is getting late. If anyone sees the ‘pale/ brown’ intruder, I would like to know whether it has adult type hoops across its breast, or more streaky like a juvenile. Better still if you see an intruder on the platform grab a picture, even pointing your mobile phone at your PC screen gives great results. If you do photograph an intruder please post a message and I’ll let you have an e-mail address- Thank You, Mike.

    1. Hi Mike, I have screenshots from when the brown juvenile-type peregrine was seen on 27th March – would that be helpful? It had thick brown streaks down its breast rather than the adult type hoops.

  9. I’m inclined to agree with Audrey that the breeding situation at Aylesbury looks very negative. I’m not aware of any other sites that have not yet started.

    1. Sadly the birds in Norwich have failed to lay this year too, despite having successfully raised 3 chicks last year. No doubt Mother Nature has her reasons….

  10. The male (ring on right leg) has been guarding the scrape all day, I haven’t seen the female, hope she is OK. I am still living in hopes of an egg or two, but as time goes by it looks less and less likely. 🙁

  11. Our ringed male perched alone on the ledge alone. Looking all around the sky and empty scrape. I hope the female is OK, she looked rough yesterday poor thing. maybe she won’t lay eggs while the intruder stays around.

  12. From 18.13 to 18.21 Sunday there appeared to be an intruder, finally seen off, by I assume the female. 😐

  13. Male currently on the platform ( 5pm Saturday), he looks exhausted, see my comment on the blog (home page).

  14. Morning of Sat 26th March and it’s the usual picture – one peregrine (the female?) sitting waiting at the platform containing no eggs looking for the mate that never comes. What has happened, has he met with a bad fate? Is it connected to the intruder episode?

    1. Hi Sue, the male was there a bit later, at 9:45 today – you can see the ring on his right foot sometimes.

  15. The female is on the platform and sitting in one of the two scrapes they’ve made. Male was with her a little while ago. The female is acting very strange, with constant chattering to the male. Surely we’ll have an egg by tomorrow ?

    1. It’s now the morning of the 25th. Every morning I see one bird sitting forlornly all alone on the platform with absolutely nothing on the base except the gravel. I think it’s the female left there? Has the male gone missing? What is going on? Whatever is happening, I’ve got a dad feeling that laying is not going to happen. It’s so late now and almost all of the other sites I know of have progressed into laying.

  16. Phew, I was so pleased to get Mike’s reassuring words that he is sure egg-laying is imminent. I quickly took a look at the camera and after numerous visits with just an empty platform in view, there they were, both of them. And what’s more, on the view with sound they were “ee-chupping” at each other. This was today, 20th March at 17:08 on the screen grab I took.

  17. Our ringed male just brought food to the female, she grabbed it quick and flew off with it to eat in private no doubt 🙂

  18. Hi Audrey,
    Great stuff, Thank You.
    Looks to me like the female is getting ready to lay. Fingers crossed.

  19. The intruding Peregrines returned this morning. If anyone sees our resident male please post. These battles can be pretty brutal. Not good news for our pair at the crucial egg-laying stage.

  20. Female on the platform at 10.55, wet around head and underparts, clearly been for a bath somewhere, now drying off. It’s been a really full on morning for our pair (see home page).

  21. 10/3/22 EGG LAYING IMMINENT???? Distinctly different behaviour this morning. Up until now, the female has been perched on the platform edge for awhile. This morning it’s different. She is sitting on the gravel, shuffling round and round, occasionally looking under herself. She occasionally kicks back the gravel, making a depression in it. This looks like the run up to imminent egg laying! Coincidentally, I checked the Derby project webcam and the egg laying started yesterday. Strange coincidence – for some weird reason Derby and Aylesbury projects almost seem like twins.

  22. 16:50 20/2/22 Just one bird getting very windswept from the strong winds. Up on the concrete ledge. Can’t deduce if its the male or female? Would help if I could see if ringed or not. Has very long middle toe so that makes it female?

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